Monday, February 1, 2016

Saturday Night Lights

Hey Glamour Girls! I'm excited for my first  post of 2016! Sometimes life can get you down but you can not let that stop you from achieving your goals. I want to encourage you today,to stay focused, prey, and believe in yourself. Those are all the things I had to get back to where I am.

Be on the lookout for post from me! 

Today I'm sharing my look from Saturday night. Check it out below. 

Graphic Tee- find here
Joggers-Forever 21 (Try your local store. No longer available online)
Shoes-  On sale now for $50.00 find here
Blazer- ASOS (a few years old) 

Friday, July 10, 2015


Hey Glamour Girls! Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Jill Scott and Common. I had such a great time. 

The concert was at the Peabody Opera House which is really nice and classy. I did not want to wear jeans or shorts because you just don't wear that to the Peabody. 

Jill had me in my feelings when I left. If you have not listened to Fools Gold by Jill listen to it. Check out my look below. Thanks for stopping by. 

Dress: Asos
Purse: Zara 
Shoes: Nordstrom 
Accessories: Aldo and H&M

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fashion Finds in Chicago

Hey Glamour Girls! I'm stopping by today to share with the items I purchased this weekend in Chicago.

Shoes $39.58 from Nordstrom. They have a great sale going on right now. Check it out ladies. 

Purse $29.99 from Zara. They have an amazing sale still going on as well. 

T-Shirt $17.50 from Armani Exchange. They had a 50% sale going on at the time.

Bracelets  $12.95 from H&M. Not on sale but I have been looking for these for a while. I was super excited to find them. 

Romper $15.99 from Marshall's. Not on sale but you can always find a good deal there. I'll wear this on the 4th of July. 

I have a few looks in mind for these items, be sure to check back to see how I styled them. Thanks for stopping by. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Selfies in Chicago

Hey Glamour Girls! I hope you all are enjoying your summer so far.  I was invited to Chicago for the weekend with my boyfriend so of course I went. I'm stopping by today to share my looks for the weekend.

Friday Night Bright 

Top: Super old but I do remember getting it from Macy's 
Shorts: Forever 21 find HERE
Sandals: Target find HERE

Leopard Print 

Top: H&M
Skirt: Forever 21 (old)
Necklace: Aldo find HERE


Top and Bottom: Forever 21 Find top HERE The skirt is sold out but a black fitted skirt would look just as cute find one HERE
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Lipstick: Sephora find HERE

Please check back tomorrow to see my Chicago fashion finds!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Straight from the Closet

Hey Glamour Girls! I'm trying not to shop as much and I'm doing pretty good. As I prepared for my next outing I decided not to buy anything but instead look in my closet to see what I had. 

I came across a really cute dress that I purchased from Forever 21. I decided to pair my cute multi color Jessica Simpsons. 

Ladies I just want you not to be so quick to spend your money at the mall,but instead take a look in your closet. Checkout my look below. 

Dress: Forever 21(old) 
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (old)
Accessories: Aldo 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hey Glamour Girls! I'm so happy to be on summer vacation. The second best reason to be a teacher. 

So many people have their opinions about teachers, but this is the hardest but most rewarding job I have ever had.

I work extremely hard all year and deserve some time off. During the summer I regroup and think of ways to become better. 

Honestly I had a few project ideas on Saturday,and shared them with my guy and he said "Ganelle take a break".I can't help it. I love what I do and I will always strive for greatness. 

My break is off to a good start and I can't wait to share my summer fashion with you ladies. 

Dress: Forever 21 
Shoes: Nordstrom 
Necklace: Aldo

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

POP of Color

Hey Glamour Girls! Adding a PPP of color can change your look drastically. I love color, and spring is the perfect time to start incorporating new colors and items into your wardrobe. 

My look today is very simple. This blazer  toook it from casual to chic. 

Jumpsuit: H&M (old)
Blazer: Asos (sold out) 
Flats: Target 
Necklace & Sunglasses: Aldo
Lipstick: Sephora Always Red Lip Stain