Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Weight Loss Journey

Hey Glamour Girl! Today I wanted to share my weight loss journey with you all. I don’t have a pound for pound amount of weight I loss but all I know is that I feel good. This journey has been a struggle for me. The picture on the left is me last year in March and the pic on the right is me this April. I did not have a special diet or any book. I just changed my lifestyle little by little. Along this journey of mine I gave up, lost track and got back on track.  It’s not a drastic change but its progression, and I’m proud of it.
I still eat sweets but not as much, I stop eating fried foods, I work-out and prey for the strength to keep it up. Here are a few tips that worked for me.  Yes I have a little ways to go but this is where I am now. 

  •          Eat oatmeal and a piece of fruit for breakfast every day and one day out the week I would eat my  favorite  food for  breakfast food such has pancakes, French toast, or waffles
  •          Don’t hang out with people who don’t care about being fat; you would start not caring again
  •          Wing yourself off fried foods
  •          Keep a food journal and write down the things you eat, I know it sounds weird but it worked for me
  •          Workout at least 2 times a week
  •          Find something that’s going to motivate you to lose the weight
  •          Plan out your meals
  •          When you crave something just have it or you will end up eating more of it later
  •          No buffets just stay away girl
  •          Drink plenty of water! NO SOADS and less juice as possible
  •          Research some healthy recipes
  •          Have a cheat day or you will go crazy


  1. You look great and you inspire me to get back on track!

  2. Thank you! Get back on track you can do it!

  3. “...I don’t have a pound for pound amount of weight I loss but all I know is that I feel good.” - To feel good about yourself is the main reason why most people want to lose weight. Glad that you're getting satisfaction from the efforts you have been making. Your habits listed above are admirable. No doubt you're making good improvements. Keep going. Good luck!

    Ciara Owings @ She's Fit


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