Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Confidence Is Everything

Hey Glamour Girls! Confidence is everything to me. If I get dressed and the outfit does not give me life or I don't feel confident I'm not wearing it.

Five years ago you could not pay me to wear shorts that did not come to my knees. Now girl watch out! I have this new found confidence, and I'm unstoppable. I can care less what someone thinks of what I'm wearing as long as I feel good in it. Glamour Girls you will always have people who don't agree with your wardrobe picks, but so what. I encourage you to wear whatever you feel confident in.

Check me out below in my shorts, showing all leg action. Boom I'm confident and curvy.

Outfits details: Top, Nordstrom Shorts, Forever 21+ Shoes, Target Bag, Old Accessories, Aldo


  1. Amen!! I agree 100%!!!!!!!! people always asking me to diet with them or that I need to lose a lil weight!! Girl I kill'em when I let them know that I love my body and that I comfortable in my skin.. Hell they have the problem not me!! They are the ones trying to lose weight... Then they try to pull the healthy card.. I also let them know that my Doctor has\did not declare me Obese and that I needed to be on a diet... I have learned that people put others down or say negative issues bc they feel some kinda way about themselves..I loooove me some me!!

  2. It takes a lot of courage to proudly be who you are, regardless of what others think. Congrats on your new-found confidence! You are working that outfit!


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