Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday-Cute and Cold

Good Afternoon Glamour Girls! Here in the Lou it’s COLD. It’s a huge challenge to be cute and cold in the winter. First of all it’s so cold that you don’t even want to get out of bed. Second you really don’t want to put any effort in your look because it’s so cold. And third all you’re thinking about is being warm. It does take a little more effort be cute in the winter compared to the summer, but don’t let the cold weather discourage you.  
To be cute in the winter I think you should have the following items in your wardrobe: long sleeve tops basic and graphic, a variety of print and solid scarfs, Boots both flat and wedge short or tall, Cardigans of any kind, Tights for your dresses and skirts, sweaters, of course a trendy coat and a nice pair of gloves.
 Check out my Outfit of the Day. Black jeans, black long sleeve top, boyfriend cardigan and brown boots.  P.S. its OK it layer it up ladies. Got a fitting turtleneck? Top it with a funky vest. For a sweater with a plunging neckline, put a colorful tanktop on underneath it.  Just make sure your layers look appealing.  Check back tomorrow for Trending Thursday.
Black Top: Target
Black Jeans: Old Navy
Boyfriend Cardigan: Forever 21 (This is my favorite item in my closet right now. I love the color and fit. You will see it again)
Boots: Macy’s



Thanks for the feedback Glamour Girls!