Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Teacher Moment Tuesday- On Time Graduation at University of Central Missouri

Hello it’s teacher moment Tuesday! How many of us attended undergrad for more than 4 years? I did! I don’t feel ashamed about it; one school may have the plan to solve this problem. Reading the St. Louis Post Dispatch I came across an article about the University of Central Missouri. The school has launched an initiative designed to help more students earn degrees in four years.

Starting in the fall of 2013 the school will require most incoming freshman to live in residence halls for two years, encouraging students to pick majors earlier and offer better academic advising. The school will also be offering a scholarship called “15 to Finish” for seniors who've taken full class loads their first three years.  The student body is about 11,800. 500 students out of about a typical 1,800 student freshman class don’t graduate in five years.

The school is still working out the details, but the two year requirement will most likely affect traditional full time students. The idea behind the “15 to Finish” scholarship is that students will take advantage of 15 credit hours per semester, to save money and graduate in four years. The exact amount of the scholarship won’t be determined till later this spring.

Universities and colleges believe that if students are engaged in their education and campus organizations they will more likely stay in school and graduate. I believe this to a certain extent but the student must want to success just as bad. I thought this was great to share today because so many high school students are deciding what school they want to attend this fall. If you know someone who is considering attending the University of Central Missouri feel free to share this information with them.

Click HERE to visit the University of Central Missouri 

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