Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Teacher Moment Tuesday- Diversity

Hey Glamour Girls! It’s Tuesday so of course I would like to share something educational. This morning I was reading the USA Today newspaper and came across an article about President Obama and his cabinet. If you girls don’t know President Obama has been criticized for his cabinet picks, some feels as if he does not have enough diversity in his cabinet.

Monday April 29, 2013 President Obama nominated Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx to be the next Transportation secretary.  This nomination could help dull persistent criticism over the racial diversity of his cabinet.  Mayor Foxx is the second African American mayor in Charlotte’s history. He’s 42 years old and has made big changes in Charlotte since becoming major; he’s looked to as a young political star.

If Foxx is confirmed by the Senate he will become the third African American to serve in President Obama’s second-term cabinet, joining two others Attorney General Eric Holder and United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice.

President Obama has boasted of his White House’s diversity and urged critics not to judge the Cabinet’s makeup until he finished his picks. He still needs to choose a Commerce secretary and U.S. Trade Representative. In announcing the nomination President Obama focused on Foxx’s accomplishments and upbringing not his race.  I think this shows that the President is more focused on getting the job done, than the race of the person he picks.

I wish Foxx the best, and I hope people can stop criticizing the President so much about this cabinet picks. 

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